Weddings are considered among the most important days of our lives and sometimes we and our families want images that remind us of that but in differing ways. In recent years, and with this in mind, we have used either traditional or reportage styles or a combination of both. Of course when planning the photos we discuss this with the client and concentrate our image taking in the style chosen. Using this format we are able to provide our customers with a set of images that can please all tastes.

Weddings are occasions where we are able to cover many aspects of the event and to provide a varied and balanced record of the day, including many of the personal, un-rehearsed moments.

A portrait should reflect an image of the real person but frequently people find it difficult to relax whilst being photographed. With this in mind we prefer to create a setting in surroundings familiar to the clients, be that in their home, garden or even a corner of the countryside or seaside, wherever they feel most comfortable. If a studio or more formal environment is appropriate then that is arranged after consultation between us and the client. We've been pleased to have produced images of individuals and groups of all ages and in many different styles including casual, formal, mono/sepia, environmental (working) and using a modern stylised approach.

At the moment we are reviewing our sample images, come back soon to browse the "Galleries" and see examples of recent work and also look at the "Prices" page to get an idea of costings.

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