Whilst passionate about creating fine art and landscape images for sale as wall hangings or to use as corporate or publicity images, we have been involved in general commercial photography taking images for many diverse industries and purposes. For instance, taking photographs as visual aids for training purposes with the Fire Service and a jewellery designer or taking the photos of a firm's products and social events to producing the publicity shots of a sponsored event.

We have been commissioned by estate agents to take photographs of luxury properties and of flower displays for florists. Whilst involved with the Fire Service we have been requested to photograph live operational incidents and assist recording post incident scenes for investigation purposes.

Many of the fine art images have been used by the Jersey Museum Service as backgrounds for displays and also as artwork for ticketing and promotional material. We also supplied a set of art prints to furnish the all internal walls of a Jersey office block.

Having been involved in photography for so long, meant that Mac learnt his craft in the traditional film environment, both 35mm and medium format. He became involved in the digital environment about 14 years ago, and now has a fully digital set-up.

The Commercial galleries contains fine art images as well as images commissioned by clients.

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